The 2024 Guide To Donating Your Car To Charity

Car donation is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to give back to the community, and we’ll show you how easy it is and what you can do to donate a car to charity this year. It really doesn’t get any easier than this to make dreams come true!

What Type Of Vehicles You Can Donate

Of course, you need to have an old car to donate in order to donate a car to charity, but if you don’t, then there are plenty of other vehicles you can donate that we will also be glad to take! When you donate a vehicle to Wheels For Wishes, benefiting local children charities, you can donate your car, truck, SUV, RV, boat, or even a motorcycle. Of course, there are some instances where we are unable to accept a vehicle, but we do our absolute best to make the most of every vehicle.

In Just A Few Moments You Can Donate A Car

Donating a car requires little effort, but it still gives you the warm feeling of knowing you did something great. Your easy contribution goes much further than you could imagine, and we make sure that donating a car is simple and stress-free. Who knew that something so easy would be so beneficial?

No matter what condition your vehicle is in, we will work hard to make the most of your donation. You don’t have to travel anywhere or spend any money on getting your car fixed in order to donate it, and it will be a relief on your end to get rid of that old, broken down car that takes up space in your driveway or garage! We’ll take your vehicle whether it runs or not, and we will pick it up or tow it away at no charge to you. You don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll pick up your car even if it’s stalled and stranded on a road somewhere.

Donating a car takes only a few minutes and that’s it! Give us a quick phone call at 1-844-476-9474, and it’s as easy as that. You don’t have to deal with any long, repetitive phone calls because we take only a few minutes of your time. You can even make your donation online if you prefer to donate that way. Just fill out our easy online vehicle donation form and we’ll contact you within 24 hours of the next business day to schedule your vehicle pick up. Either way is easy and will allow you to donate a car in no time at all. Before you know it, we’ll take that vehicle out of your hands and it will be on its way to making a child’s wish come true.

How Car Donation Benefits You

Aside from saving you time, money, and sanity, your car donation benefits you at tax time. Since we are a fully-registered IRS 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, you will receive an excellent tax deduction that is sure to make you smile. After you make your donation, we will mail out your tax deductible receipt for you to save and deduct from your taxes at tax time. There is no doubt that you will be very pleased at tax time since you will receive a tax deduction for your donation to charity!

The list of benefits goes on and on. Your donation allows you extra time that you would have otherwise spent placing a car advertisement in the paper, showing the car to potential buyers, and haggling over a sales price, but it also takes all of the stress off of your shoulders that is associated with selling or trading in a car. Everyone who has had to sell or trade in a car knows what a pain it is and how much time it takes up. When you leave the work up to us, you don’t have to worry about a thing. All you need to know is that your car will be put to good use and will grant the wish of a local child in your area.

How Vehicle Donation Compares To Other Methods

Donating whatever items you can at any given time is always wonderful and generous, but car donation is one of the easiest ways you can donate an item to charity. For example, many methods of donation mean sorting through items packed away in your closet, wiping off dust or cleaning them entirely, and neatly folding or arranging them into a bag. While it’s easy, it still takes up a little bit of time.

When you donate a car to charity, you really don’t have to do anything except call or go online to make your donation.  We will take care of everything else. We will come to the car you wish to donate, and we will either pick it up or tow it away, free of charge. You won’t have to go anywhere or do anything at all! Car donation is truly easy and effortless, but still leaves you with the amazing feeling of knowing you are helping a child’s wish come true.

Other Ways To Donate To Charity

Donating money to charity is always another great way to help out. Organizations are always in need of cash donations, so this would also be another easy way to donate to charity, but a major difference between cash donation and car donation is that car donation does not cost you a dime! You will be the one who ends up with extra money at tax time. You won’t spend a cent when you donate a car.

Volunteering and fundraising are other excellent ways to raise money, and Make-A-Wish offers plenty of opportunities to volunteer with them and to help fundraise. They offer many fun and exciting events and kind and devoted volunteers are often the ones who help make those events happen! Your help is always greatly appreciated in any way you can. The fewer professionals an organization needs to hire, the more money they will to benefit the charity. Raising money for the charity is after all, the main mission of the charity.

Whether you donate clothes, food, money, time, skills, or expertise to a charity, we can promise you that car donation is an excellent way to donate and that you will be very pleased with the results. Plus, you will have so much extra time on your hands that you may have had to spend trying to sell or trade in your car, that you will have time to physically volunteer at Make-A-Wish if you are looking for more ways to help. Who knows, you could end up physically helping out during the wish-granting process for the child who is benefiting from your old car! Anything is possible!

Donate Your Vehicle Today

Donate your vehicle today, because any donations we receive online before midnight local time on January 1st count for that tax year. Get started now to benefit yourself and a local child this year!

What Your Car Donation Can Do For A Local Wish Kid

Imagine being young and having that one big wish that you desperately wanted to come true. Whether or not your wish was granted at that age, you probably did something later in life that was so amazing that it was comparable, if not better, to your wish. Many wishes are just what “Wish Kids” need to feel strength, hope, and joy once again, and that is why we work with Make-A-Wish to make sure that kids’ wishes are coming true now. Kids deserve to be kids, so that is why we strive to grant their wishes, just like they deserve.

While many kids wish to travel to a particular part of the world or country, many wish to do things that we take for granted on a daily basis. Many “Wish Kids” wish to see their favorite hometown baseball team play or to spend a day at the beach. Other kids wish to visit a popular amusement park or meet their favorite role model.

Whatever a child wishes, you can be the person to make that wish come true. The best part about Wheels For Wishes is that your donation helps a child in your very own community, benefiting your local children charities. You can feel great about helping a child in your very own community. Donate your vehicle to help a local child today!

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