Donate A Motorcycle To Benefit Local Children's Charities

From zipping through busy city traffic to speeding down empty country roads, motorcycles are the ultimate symbol of freedom. They're also cheaper to buy than most cars and definitely more fun. On the other hand, insurance is expensive, motorcycles are dangerous and they can only be used when the weather's perfect. If it's time to move on, donate your motorcycle to charity rather than letting it sit unused in your garage. 

Advantages Of Donating Your Motorcycle To Wheels For Wishes

Many people hold onto their old motorcycle in hopes of one day fixing it up or getting back into riding. But motorcycles aren't meant to be left in the garage. A motorcycle donation to Wheels For Wishes is the perfect way to put your old bike to better use. Wheels For Wishes also provides great benefits for your motorcycle donation!

  • We tow your motorcycle for free, even if it doesn't run anymore. Repairs can be expensive, especially if you never could get your old bike up and running again. Wheels For Wishes will take your motorcycle donation in nearly any condition.
  • Your motorcycle donation is tax deductible. Since Wheels For Wishes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, you will receive a tax deduction for your donation.
  • We save you time by doing all the paperwork. Maybe you've got several motorcycles and you're just donating one of them. Why waste your time with the title transfer paperwork when you could be out riding? We do it all for you.
  • You don't have to worry about selling your motorcycle on your own. If you loved your motorcycle, you'd want to make sure it went to the best buyer when it was time to let go. It can be stressful dealing with difficult people when trying to sell any vehicle, let alone one you had a personal attachment to. Donate your bike instead and it will go to a great cause!
  • Your motorcycle donation helps local children. Nothing is better than the knowledge that your donation will help make life better for kids in your community. Wheels For Wishes donates the proceeds from your motorcycle donation to local children's charities.

Simplify Your Life With A Motorcycle Donation Today

Buying a motorcycle always seems like a good idea at the time, but they can end up being less practical than you thought. If you live anywhere in the North, you can only ride a few months of the year. That means paying for storage or sacrificing space in your garage. Sand left over from snow treatments also makes the roads dangerous until the first good rainfall.

A lot of people also buy motorcycles with the intention of reducing their carbon footprint. Motorcycles are more fuel-efficient, but many people don't realize they're actually worse for the environment than a car. Emission tests show that motorcycles produce just as much, if not more, pollution than cars!

No matter the reason for buying a motorcycle, most people come to realize owning them is not as easy as it seems. Vehicle donation, on the other hand, is always an easy option! With free towing, a tax deduction, and a way to help children's charities, what could be better than a motorcycle donation to Wheels For Wishes?

To donate your motorcycle today, simply give us a call at 1-844-476-9474 or fill out an online motorcycle donation form. We take care of all the rest!

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